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Curtis, you’re new to the club this season. How are you finding it?

I love being at the club. Everything  in and around the club is just right & I was made to feel at home by everyone straight away which makes it much easier to focus on the football. Everything is done really professionally and I think is one of the main reasons we have done so well so far. from everyone right at the top running the club to management, the kit always being clean, all the boys in the team, the youth boys, the food after the game & Claire the physio , there is not one bad egg in the club & it’s so clear that everyone is on the same wavelength and there is always full support from everyone whenever you need it.

Your move to us came after a spell in Australia. What was that experience like?

It was an experience that I felt made a me stronger person, both personally and in football ..moving abroad and having to open your eyes to a different kind of football & different way of life naturally makes you grow as a person & i feel very fortunate that I had that experience.

What are your aspirations for the future, particularly at Penybont?

Of course Winning the league is the main priority this season, but it would nice to win a cup aswell of some sort! and come to next season it would be a brilliant challenge to show that we could hold our own in the top welsh league as I feel the way that we play can be a challenge for the best of teams. Also I’m hoping to have my first international call up in the near future for the Barbados national team pending my dual citizenship.

How are you finding working under Griff and Gilo? Are they as demanding as people think?

I think griff and gilo have a brilliant balance in all areas of managing &  they’re very knowledgeable. they’re also very personable people and are real leaders. And yes they are demanding but in all the right ways, they’re demanding in a sense that they make you work hard, play with confidence and believe in yourself & your team mates to give all you can for the team and the club. they make sure that you give it your all every minute you’re on the pitch. It’s the type of management which I feel has helped me grow as a player & pushes me to do better  on the pitch and also in confidence with all of the preparation they put us through to make sure we’re ready for any challenge.

The management have built a strong squad for this season. Who has impressed you the most?

I think every player in the team is unique, everyone has something special that they bring to the team that makes it better. Kane has probably got one of the best left feet of anyone I’ve ever played with and I rate him so highly, all of our attacking players have so much pace and ability & our midfielders are so reliable every single game. And not to mention everyone the back four who are always solid & Rhys at the back who is the nicest person ever and a true captain and our subs always make a difference. But for me Sam Rodon has definitely impressed me the most, having a CB as solid & reliable as him who can also play good football is something that is so hard to find and helps so much when we are looking to attack. He’s also someone I would hate to play against so & try and avoid with 50/50 tackles in training!

Your form for us has been excellent so far. Is there one particular area you feel can be improved?

I feel happy with how I am playing at the moment, I have been focusing on being someone who helps the team win & I feel fit and strong. I have been working hard in training on my defensive duties, But at the moment , although i am more than happy creating assists and helping the boys score goals, as any attacker wants, I need to work towards getting a few more goals myself, which I know I am more than capable of and will work hard every game.

We have difficult games ahead. Which do you think will be our toughest test as someone who’s played in the league before?

I think that our cup game against Barry town will be a real challenge, but also there is a big point for us to prove that we deserve to be in the top flight. But also, our game this weekend against Cwmbran Celtic will be tough.. and throughout the course of the season, I feel like our two toughest games will probably be Cwmbran away & Haverford west away! But those are the games I look forward to as they’re the biggest threat at the moment at the top of the table when it comes to promotion.

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